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The Princess Fleet & History
All on one page shows every bridgecam of the Princess fleet.  Follow your favorite ship or look for interesting
destinations through the lens of Princess Cruises.  Click on any image for a larger view and more information.
Caribbean Princess Bridge Cam
Coral Princess Bridge Cam
Caribbean Princess BridgeCAM Coral Princess BridgeCAM
Crown Princess Bridge Cam
Dawn Princess Bridge Cam
Crown Princess BridgeCAM Dawn Princess BridgeCAM
Diamond Princess Bridge Cam
Emerald  Princess Bridge Cam
Diamond Princess BridgeCAM Emerald Princess BridgeCAM
Golden  Princess Bridge Cam
Grand  Princess Bridge Cam
Golden Princess BridgeCAM Grand Princess BridgeCAM
Island  Princess Bridge Cam
Ocean  Princess Bridge Cam
Island Princess BridgeCAM Ocean Princess BridgeCAM
Pacific  Princess Bridge Cam
Regal  Princess Bridge Cam
Pacific Princess BridgeCAM Regal Princess BridgeCAM
Royal  Princess Bridge Cam
Ruby  Princess Bridge Cam
Royal Princess BridgeCAM Ruby Princess BridgeCAM
Sapphire  Princess Bridge Cam
Sea  Princess Bridge Cam
Sapphire Princess BridgeCAM Sea Princess BridgeCAM
Star  Princess Bridge Cam
Sun  Princess Bridge Cam
Star Princess BridgeCAM Sun Princess BridgeCAM

History of Princess Cruises

In 1965 Stanley B. McDonald charters Princess Patricia to begin Princess Cruises and sails the Mexican Riviera. The ship was returned to its owners in 1966. Princess Cruises was without a ship until 1967 when they chartered Princess Italia, a modern cruise ship for its time. With this ship Princess began regularly scheduled Panama Canal cruises. The company was off and running. Next Princess chartered Princess Carla and the Seawitch logo first appeared. Boise Cascade purchases Princess Cruises. That same year Princess Cruises sent Princess Italia to southwest Alaska and made its first transatlantic sailing.

In 1970 Stanley B. McDonald repurchased Princess Cruises from Boise Cascade. Princess Carla is returned to owners. Island Princess joins the Princess fleet in 1972 and Princess Tours is founded. In 1973 Princess Italia is returned to it's owners. Princess acquired the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Co. in 1974. Sun Princess is added to the fleet (from P & O's fleet, Spirit of London). The Sea Venture is added to the fleet and renamed Pacific Princess. It was this ship that provided the backdrop for the television show "The Love Boat"

In 1985 Royal Princess joined the fleet with its innovative design of all exterior cabins. Pacific Princess begins cruises to the Mediterranean during the summer and Mexican Riviera from San Diego during the winter. Kungsholm is transferred from P & O cruises and renamed Sea Princess. In 1987 Princess began to offer Caribbean Cruises out of Miami, Florida. The Royal Princess heads to Asia for Princess's first cruises there. Northern Europe is explored by the cruises line as well. In 1988 Princess acquired Sitmar Cruises and added Dawn Princess (former Fairwind), Fair Princess (former Fairsea) and Sky Princess (former Fairsky). Star Princess joins the fleet in 1989.

Crown Princess is added to the Princess fleet in 1990. Regal Princess is added to the fleet in 1991. Sea Princess is transferred to
P & O cruises. Golden Princess (Royal Viking Sky) is chartered for 3 years. Dawn Princess is sold in 1993. Sun Princess is added to the fleet featuring the largest number of balcony cabins. Fair Princess is tranferred to P & O Australia. Golden Princess is returned to Royal Viking Line. Dawn Princess is added to the fleet in 1997. Star Princess is transferred to P & O cruises as P & O Arcadia. Grand Princess debuts in 1998 along with Sea Princess. In 1999 Island Princess is sold.

Ocean Princess debuts and joins the fleet. Sky Princess is transferred to P & O Australia as Pacific Sky. Fleet changes registry to British/Bermuda. Golden Princess joins the fleet in 2001.

In 2003 P & O Princess International is acquired by Carnival Corporation making Carnival the world's largest cruiseline.

Coral Princess joins the Princess fleet in 2003 as well as Pacific Princess and Island Princess. Sea Princess is transferred to P & O Cruises as Adonia. Cunard Line is integrated into Princess operations in 2004. Diamond Princess debuts and joins the fleet in 2004 as well as Caribbean Princess and Sapphire Princess. Royal Princess is transferred to P & O Cruises as Adonia allowing the Sea Princess to return to the Princess fleet. Crown Princess debuts and joins the Princess fleet in 2006 followed by Emerald Princess in 2007. A new built Royal Princess is introduced in 2007. Regal Princess is transferred to P & O Australia as Pacific Dawn. In 2008 Ruby Princess is introduced and joins the fleet. Tahitian Princess is renamed the Ocean Princess in 2009 and the Royal Princess
is transferred to P & O Cruises as Adonia.

In 2013 Princess builds a new Royal Princess that is named by none other than Kate Middelton, Duchess of Cambridge. The new Regal Princess will join the Princess fleet in 2014.